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Pressure sensitive detector mat with Receiver

Product number: He-01SetGoMo

Pressure sensitive detector mat - 70 cm x 40 cm x 1,5 mm with Transmitter - Receiver

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Pressure sensitive detector mat with Receiver

Based on our conception and experience, we have developed a “Pressure sensitive detector mat” and a “Motion detector in bed” (via
radiofonic). With our “pressure sensitive detector mat“ you will see the huge benefits as the risk of falls and the dangers which can arise from patients wandering off or becoming disoriented can be considerably reduced. Caring for the elderly with Alzheimer’s, sleepwalking or people with walking difficulties is often a challenge for relatives and caregivers. At the same time, those who are in need of care should not have their freedom of movement limited unnecessarily in order to ensure that their quality of life and their independence is maintained within reasonable limits. Thanks to the alarm mat and the bed edge alarm, you will improve the well-being of your loved ones at a relatively low cost. Our quality products enable the monitoring of the elderly, people with Alzheimer’s syndrome and / or people with sleep-related problems.


Pressure sensitive detector mat and mobile Receiver without the selectable volume (a belt clip)

The Pressure sensitive detector mat is simply placed beside the patient’s bed or in front of the door to the room and is then connected to the nurse call (with an transmitter) wirelessly. As soon as a patient steps onto the mat, the Pressure sensitive detector mat triggers a signal that is relayed to the carer/ relatives. You can choose between 8 different melodies.

Product Details:

  • Measure of the Pressure sensitive detector mat - 70cm x 40cm
  • Mobile Receiver / Belt Clip
  • Acoustic signal of 82 dBa
  • Range of 100m – (expandable)
  • Upgradable are up to 4 other receivers and transmitters
  • Other accessories are also available in our shop
  • Made in Germany


  • Pressure sensitive detector mat (70cm x 40cm x 1,5mm) with Transmitter (433Mhz)
  • Non-slip mat in the same measure
  • Mobile Receiver (433 Mhz) including battery (a belt clip)
  • Ready to use directly!

    Important notice: This device does not stop falls. Assistance and supervision is still required when the patient stands up or needs to mobilise. Pressure sensitive detector mat is a support and therefore doesn`t replace the patient care obligation.