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6 x Alarm Mat with Radio call Systen Receiver

Product number: He-6fachset

6 Set Alarm Mat

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6x  Sensitive Mat with Channel Radio Call System

By using our Lifesaving Sensitive Mat, you will realize its enormous benefits. Caring for elderly, sleepwalking or people with walking problems often presents a challenge for relatives and nurses. With our quality products you can monitor and control patients overnight. It is very important not to restrict the freedom of movement of the assisted persons, in order to preserve their quality of life. We offer valuable help in this regard.
Thanks to the life-saving sensitive mat you will improve the sense of well-being of your patients at a rather low cost. Our quality products allow the monitoring of the elderly and can be a valuable aid for people suffering from Alzheimer's or sleepwalking.

Product details:

    6x Sensitive Mat with Channel Radio Call System

    Channel Radio Call System

    Ideal for medical, breast and disabled offices and nursing services.
    Audible and visual on receiver - LED indicator shows which transmitter triggered the call
    36 selectable sounds
    For up to 6 different rooms
    The LED indicator lights up until the melody button is pressed
    The transmitter and receiver can be labeled
    Automatic coding for quick and easy commissioning

    Lifesaving Sensitive Carpet

    The Lifesaving Sensitive Mat is placed in front of the bed, in this way, relatives are notified in case the patient should get out of bed. - Range of approx. 200m
    Measurement of the carpet 70cm x 40cm
    Ready to use!
    Further accessories are available on our online shop
    Made in Germany

    Shipment: :

    6x Lifesaving Sensitive Mat with Transmitter (approx.70cm x 40cm x 1.5mm) including 1x CR2032 battery
    Channel Radio Call System 433 Mhz - Receiver including battery, Ready to use!
    Size: 140 x 88 x 32 mm

    Non-slip mat in the same size
    The Set is custom made to order!
    Ready to use

    The support guaranteed by the advanced technology of the Homecare system is advisable to combine it with personal assistance for the patient for total safety, in order to avoid any falls