Helpful Products for Caregiver- When Patient get up, Caregiver Alarm sounds

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Pratoline Wireless Floor Mats & Motion Detector in Bed

Based on our conception and experience, we have developed a “Pressure sensitive detector mat” and a “Motion detector in bed” (via radiofonic). With our „pressure sensitive detector mat“ you will see the huge benefits as the risk of falls and the dangers which can arise from patients wandering off or becoming disoriented can be considerably reduced. Caring for the elderly with Alzheimer’s, sleepwalking or people with walking difficulties is often a challenge for relatives and caregivers. At the same time, those who are in need of care should not have their freedom of movement limited unnecessarily in order to ensure that their quality of life and their independence is maintained within reasonable limits. We offer valuable help in this regard. Wireless Floor mats, paired with a bed or chair alarm, offer a great fall prevention alternative to bed and chair sensor pads.Placed next to a bed or chair, the caregiver will know when their patient is getting up.Placed across a doorway, the caregiver will know when their patient is exiting a room or the house.

Bed Alarm Sensor stripe as an alternative to Cordless Floor Alarm Mat

Place the bed sensor stripe under the fitted sheet in the bed, at the edge by bed exit. When the patient starts to get up, the pads will send a signal to the wireless receiver, which will then signal the caregiver up to 100m .(wireless extender optional in eqipment)

It should preferably be placed between the mattress and the sheets. When the person decides to leave the bed, it touches the sensor, which sends an alarm signal to the receiver.

Manufacture and sale of wireless step mats and bed edge sensors for the HomeCare area as affordable care aids

Pratoline provides top-notch products designed specifically to help caregivers take the best care of their patients and caring relatives, whether in a nursing facility or care at home. We recognize and understand the problems that caregivers around the world face when caring for their patients. Considering that, we maufactured and offer fall prevetions aid for a very reasonable price. By using our products, not only will caregivers improve the level of care they provide to patients and seniors, but they will reduce the chances of slips and falls in patients, which is often a major deterrent of quality patient care.

Pratoline is a family owned business. We opened our company because we recognize a caregiver's need for Home Care Products fall prevention Distributor who can offer high quality, reasonably priced products while at the same time providing exceptional customer service. Thank you for your interest in our company.